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The dialogue in the bookstore: Buyer: "Girl book "Man is the master of women" already Postup

10 november 2016, 18:41

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The dialogue in the bookstore The buyer is a Girl book Man the master of women already enrolled in podgorodka Fiction in the next section Throughout its history mankind has tried to diversify the ways to satisfy their sexual needs. For example, in the course of ancient people were the sculptures which are sometimes specially made with detachable genitals as you might guess - for the convenience of future use. The technological revolution in the sex industry occurred in the end of XX century, namely in 1996, when the U.S. in California, the founder of the company Abyss Creation began to produce sex dolls under the brand of RealDoll. The idea of sex robots appeared almost simultaneously with the invention of the lighter kinds of plastics namely - high quality silicone which is produced from the surface of the doll silhouette muscles the skin. Inside this doll features a frame made of light metal made in accordance with the anatomy of the human skeleton. The most famous manufacturers of these dolls are US UK Germany, France and Japan RealDoll Wicked RealDoll Boy Toy Dolls Mechadoll Ruby 13 4Woods and other decent brands. The silicone used in the manufacturing of modern dolls is absolutely safe for health and also widely used in medicine. Manufacturers have learned to vary the density of the silicone depending on the manufactured parts of the body so the hips of the doll it is resilient and elastic and on his chest and abdomen soft and tender. Silicone doll is made without seams that could get moisture or air so owners can take along with her dolls a bath. It should be noted that the scale of the sex-dolls in relation to their real-world counterparts is 11 but the weight of the doll is much smaller than the weight of a fragile young ladies. Sex doll from any manufacturer is selected by the following options body style body options, breast size coverage of the hips, diameter of the waist color and hair style manicure-pedicure foot size style bikini. A custom doll can make scars tattoo piercings - basically a silicone doll can be made with any external features on customer request. Sex dolls can be ideal partners for the personal life they have already won the hearts of many men with their beauty and submissively responsive and ready to close at any time. But we do not claim that the silicone doll can become a full replacement for the lively woman. Modern technologies still do not allow them to speak to answer the questions to Express enough emotional feedback to the actions of men to respond to the words, smiling with tears in surprise. Nevertheless sex doll performs perfectly

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