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Selling sex dolls with artificial intelligence will start in 2017

10 november 2016, 18:40

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The retail price of the dolls will be about 10 thousand dollars. The American company Abyss Creations will launch realistic sex dolls with artificial intelligence in 2017, reports Doll with artificial intelligence may lead the discussion to Express love and adoration to his master and to be touched. Employee Matt Macmullan reported that the retail price of a doll from the RealDoll will be about 10 thousand dollars. In the video published by The New York Times Macmillan communicates with a prototype sex robot. During the conversation, the doll answers the question the inventor about their dreams. I have a lot of desires. I want to become a real person with a real body. I want to know what love is. I hope to become the world's first sex robot, she says. The company Abyss Creation started to produce a lifelike silicone sex doll with movable limbs in the middle of 1990-ies. Skeleton dolls created from high strength aluminum. The most inexpensive model costs 65 thousand dollars. For 20 years, the world has sold more than 4000 of these dolls. Comments 0 Downed the daughter of bard the Baiterek in Astana is a pedestrian forgave the culprit of road accident The son of Tokhtar Tuleshov commented on the verdict 13-year-old Makhammadali Zhugunusov took Grand-Prix of the contest Igor Krutoy Nazarbayev, Luzhkov proposed project is considered Kazakh experts Trump lost to Clinton by the total number of votes Unknown burned the Lexus, Deputy head of the anticorruption service of the national Bureau of Zhezkazgan The rapist of five girls from Pavlodar sentenced to 21 years imprisonment Strudel with potatoes and meat sometimes The media learned the shocking details of the husband's Affairs Bayan Esentaeva Kazakhstan-Pavlodar check after complaints on leading molested Director In Akmola region the fourth day looking for 16-year-old schoolgirl The attorney General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Asanov Zhakip Each article is someone's fate We witnessed a very deep division of our nation - Clinton The senators have elected a new judge of the Supreme court Before sentencing Tuleshova a number of his accomplices made a deal with the Prosecutor Frontman AStudio Baigali Serkebayev trump have me confused with British rock star In Astana, the official was detained red-handed when receiving a bribe in 150 thousand dollars Astana has introduced electronic fare collection system in buses Overturned in Almaty, fire truck blocked traffic School of Kazakhstan in 2017 will return to the traditional final exams Victims of crime should receive financial aid - GP In Karaganda region arrested a suspect in the murder of a father of two children St. Petersburg officials have cleared the post of advertising with Paint In the Republic of Kazakhstan propose to reduce the minimum fines for criminal

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